Friday, October 8, 2010

Toad of the Trapeze

Once they cleared site of the hospital there were hugs all around. Toad leapt from the wheel chair and promptly careened towards the nearest tree. Rat grabbed him and firmly put him back in the wheelchair. "Not so fast you! Doctor's orders are for you to avoid trees for the time being.  The only thing you will be about for the next weeks bed!" They all laughed but Toad, who looked despondent, and miserable, and forlorn. Having promised himself not to let his friends down ever gain,  here he was trying to launch himself into trouble immediately upon his rescue.

"Cheer up you silly Toad", said Mole. All will be well. Half the Wild Wood are waiting at Badger's and we will soon be there." And indeed, it seemed that in no time they were at Badger's front door,  over which there was now a sign that read, "Wild Wood Sanitarium." The door was open and flanked by dozens upon dozens of the local inhabitants, all cheering for Toad. Tears welled up in Toad's eyes and he made his way from one to another thanking each and every.

Having made a full circuit, he found himself in front of an old oak that had ropes hanging in a peculiar pattern from a huge over hanging limb. "What's all this then", asked Toad.

"As you noticed," Badger said, "you are a bit unsteady on your feet,   "so Mole came up with a contraption he calls a 'trapeze'" And suddenly Toad was set upon by the two young HedgeHogs and rigged to the oak like a marionette. Badger let go of Toad and gave him a slight nudge. Toad lurched away but as he was about to take a dive one of the HedgeHogs  pulled on a line and up Toad came. Soon the two little HedgeHogs looked like they were madly pealing the village bells, while Toad did St. Vitus dance. Badger had refreshments served all round and they all smiled in the sun (even Toad, who danced the whole afternoon.)

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